Why Join a Starshine Community You Ask?

Well, maybe you can relate to this situation . .

You are an independent contractor, consultant or small business owner in the West Valley who wants to build a purposeful, profitable business. You have a BIG dream, but a small budget.

You may love working from home, but some days there are just too many distractions to focus on building your business. On top of that, there are those days when you feel so isolated and alone that you consider giving up on your dream.

You offer great products and services but maybe are a bit frustrated because no one seems to know about your business. In fact, you may be stuck as to how to get the word out on limited resources.

You long to belong to a community of like-minded professionals who "get" you; who are also building a business that makes a difference and makes money. Other small business owners who are willing to share resources and collectively grow their businesses - to collaborate instead of compete.

You seriously want some help, yet you know cannot afford to waste your money by investing in yet another program that is all talk and no action. You are passionate about what you do, but that passion can turn into pain on those days when you feel overwhelmed by everything it takes to run a business.

You are so tired of trying to do everything on your own yet you don’t feel you have the monetary means to pay for all the help you desire. You would really like to find an affordable place where you can go for the support, training, advice and resources you need.

If this describes YOU, then welcome to Starshine Communities!!

Hi! My name is Susan F. Moody and I am a self-professed serial entrepreneur having started over 10 businesses. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have experienced the ups and downs of being a small business owner. What keeps me going is my desire to make a difference through my work while, yes, making some money. At the end of the day, the most important thing for me is to live a life I love serving a purpose that matters to me.

Starshine Communities fulfills that purpose. I am passionate about helping others achieve their own definition of success and want to share my experiences with small business owners also desiring to make a difference. What I noticed that was lacking for those of us on an entrepreneurial journey, was simply a place of belonging where we could go for solutions for our business and support for us, the heart and soul behind the business. A NON-JUDGMENTAL PLACE where I could take off my outward mask, be vulnerable and open to ideas and suggestions from others who were willing to share and collaborate and collectively grow our businesses. And this, my friends, is the sole purpose behind Starshine Communities.

In 2016, I invited Leeanne Gardner to be on my radio show, Cz the Day! During that on-air interview, we realized we had some synergy behind what we desired to create with our businesses. We decided to join forces and created StarshineAZ. For those of you who have met Leeanne, you know she is a passionate, energetic lover of life. A true advocate for business owners who genuinely want to make a difference for themselves and their clients.

Leeanne inspires busy professionals to tap into their heart and reconnect with their passion to bring more balance and happiness into their lives. A lifelong love of horses taught her many lessons including the importance of authenticity and having a balance between business and personal life. After choosing to leave the corporate world after 25 years, she created Unbridle It, LLC, to help people reconnect with a passion by working with horses. One of her personal goals is to help create memorable experiences for humans to learn more about how horses can help us on so many levels. This includes helping those individuals working with horses realize more success in creating sustainable businesses. Leeanne is also a brilliant marketer !

Together, our vision is to create collaborative communities of small business owners cultivating an environment that celebrates and supports those who choose to make a difference resulting in positive personal, social and economic impact.

Our mission with Starshine Communities is to enrich the lives of small business owners.  Members receive practical advice and guidance in a non-judgmental, safe and empowering environment. Each community is designed to foster sharing of resources and collaboration, to help provide solutions for your business and to support YOU, the heart and soul of your business and your life. Let us help you illuminate your brilliance! We invite you to join us and fulfill your mission.

To join us, click here for membership application.