Jan Whalen, MASL is an award winning author and president of WhalenVoices, LLC, a training and seminar company. Whalen has created successful presentation and character building programs for authors, executives, and young professionals. Her books include: Rock Solid Confidence: Presenting Yourself with Assurance, Poise and Power, Character Safari: Remember and Write the Stories of Your Life, My Trust Journal and You are the Perfect Age. With a Master of Arts in Servant Leadership, she considers herself a “Servant-Cheerleader.” Her background is in sales, public relations, education and community service. She has a talent for assisting clients in telling their distinctive life stories with confidence. www.whalenvoices.com


Linda Burridge has over 30 years in leadership and talent development. Given today’s workplace, work and life are often inseparable. Over time, she experienced first-hand how change and transition in our organizations and communities also contribute to a loss of purpose, erode values, lead to poor health, destroy connections to family and friends and leave people in jobs they hate and unprepared for a life’s next chapter. What matters are the lessons she learned on this path and now she can share them with you through her next act as a leadership and personal transition coach. www.nextactsolutions.coach


Maria Tomas-Keegan is a Life Transition Coach for Women. In her practice, she brings a practical, yet heartfelt approach to life transitions so women can authentically work through emotions and still feel confident and steady when its called for. In workshops, groups and private coaching, her thought-provoking stories inspire women to open up to the possibility of growth through change. She creates an open, safe space where calm replaces chaos and design overrides default. www.TransitionAndThriveWithMaria.com