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MOVEMENT - Time TBD - Mondays and Thursday

We all know that we need to get moving to achieve the following health benefits: better mood, with lower levels of depression, stress, and anxiety. Greater aerobic capacity and muscle strength. More energy and stamina. Enhanced flexibility, balance, and agility. Lower blood pressure and improved heart health. Class is $10 per session.


Start off your week with encouragement, support and advice from your peers. As a solopreneur we sometimes get stuck inside of our own heads. Come and hear the collective wisdom of other like-minded professional women who have your best interests at heart. To ensure that every women has a chance to participate, Power Circles are capped at 8 attendees. This is a "members only" event.


The mission of this Learn and Launch is two fold: 1) to provide business owners with practical tips and tools to help create and launch a sustainable business AND 2) to provide speakers an opportunity to share their business expertise and receive some constructive feedback to help perfect their presentation skills (for those requesting this support as they are not yet a seasoned speaker) through our Positively Powerful Presentations program.

Each week you will meet fellow small business owners, share what you are passionate about, enjoy a guest speaker and leave with some business tips you can put to immediate use. Who knows, maybe even have a few laughs...receive a great referral or find a strategic partner.   All on the West Side of town so you don't have to travel to the East Valley or Scottsdale! 

Weekly "Learn and Launch" is FREE to StarshineAZ members. Non-members are welcome for a $20 fee. Come with a StarshineAZ member and pay only $10!  This is a public event and both women and men are welcome as well as are aspiring entrepreneurs.  Bring your lunch, pick up a bite downstairs in the Something Special Aviation Cafe, or enjoy eating at the restaurant before or after the meeting. 


Share your successes big and small as every win is a step closer to our bigger goal! Take time to celebrate your successes or just hang out with others in the supportive community for a mid week pick-me-up. Enjoy a glass of wine and some light snacks with other community members. This is a "members only" event.


We believe that taking care of the woman behind the business is a top priority so each week we will provide speakers on a variety of personal development, alternative therapy, and healthy topics for women.

Weekly "Take Care Thursday" is FREE to StarshineAZ members. Non-members are welcome for a $20 fee. Come with a StarshineAZ member and pay only $10!  


This is an opportunity for guests to stop by, meet some of our members and find out what StarshineAZ is all about. Bring a friend who may be a great contribution to the Community! This event is FREE for all!



6/15/17 - Linda Burridge, Chief Inspiration Officer, Next Act Solutions 

“Embrace, Don’t Fight Your Inner Critic”

Using a combination of lecture, discussion and exercises, participants will explore ways to embrace and diminish the power of that inner critic and the voice of fear, self-doubt and lack of confidence that can hold them back from success at work and in life.


6/20/17 - Jan Whalen, Founder of Whalen Voices

“Rock Solid Confidence: Presenting Yourself with Assurance, Poise and Power

Now is the time to give voice to your accomplishments, draw clients to you, and authentically express your “WHY.” 

6/27/17 - Tish Times, Founder/CEO of Tish Times Sales & Networking Training Company 

"Make More Money with Flawless Follow-Up"

New connections are customers waiting to be converted. In this session, Tish Times teaches proven methods to take the guesswork and the struggle out of post networking activity. Tish helps attendees to plan, execute, and track their follow-up through a system that produces results easily and predictably.


7/6/17 Karen M. Winkleman presents: Are you and Empath?

Are you super-sensitive? Did you know that those crazy feelings and intense emotional swings may not even be yours? You might be an Empath. We’ll talk about what it means to be Empathic. And steps you can take to protect your energy and stop feeling that you’re losing your mind.


7/11/17 Karen Russo presents: Money Momentum - 2 Weekly Practices for Clarity, Confidence, and Cash Flow

If you're overwhelmed with making, managing, and directing the money in your business, you're wasting time and draining energy.  Invest 20 minutes in Money Monday and Faithful Friday to find focus and accelerate your results.  


7/20/17 Leslie Rowans presents: The Health Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a relaxing holistic therapy based on the principle that there are points on the feet, hands and ears which correspond to organs, systems and structures of the body. By applying pressure to the reflex points helps to balance the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins which can help reduce pain and stress. Regular reflexology sessions promote health in the related body areas and allows the body to seek its own balance. Leslie will be set up before and after her presentation for mini sessions for only $10.


7/25/17 Maria Tomas-Keegan presents: Arrive, Survive and Thrive!

You’ve Arrived! You’ve reached the pinnacle of your corporate career or you’re on your way, or you’ve successfully launched your own venture. Then… life happens. Even strong, successful women can get derailed when they experience major life events and need time to survive it, sort through emotions and heal. We need to learn how to design a new normal and put the pieces back together in a new way, and so you can thrive again in all areas of your life.