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Transformational 1-Day Retreat

Join us on Saturday, January 26th at the New Vision Center in Phoenix for a day of inspired action and jump start your aspirations for 2019! Register Early as space is limited to ensure a personalized experience for all attendees. Event runs from 9am-6pm.

Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

This is your day to turn off the noise of 2018 and tune into the possibilities of 2019. Be guided by our fabulous speakers towards your aspirations and what you desire to create in the New Year.


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Listen in to the what last year's participants had to say about their experience:

Len Jefferson-Springer

Janie Peters

Deborah Lahman

Mary Matheson

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Meet This Year's Fabulous Speakers:

Susan Shifman

Susan Shifman is an experienced provider and teacher of TRE®, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises™. Her path to TRE® began in 2001 when she retired from a corporate career in management and executive coaching with a hefty "benefits" package of lingering physical tightness, tension and pain built up over decades of Type-A work habits.


Releasing and Letting Go of 2018

TRE® is a set of six physical stances and movements that facilitate the body's own natural return to balance. The cause of imbalance might be anything from everyday worries, stresses, and tensions to chronic or acute anxiety. Once you learn these exercises, you can easily practice them on your own!

Karen M Winkelman

Karen M. Winkelman is an Intuitive Consultant for Your Life and Your Business. An eclectic mix of creativity and reality, woo and practical, spirituality and science, Karen is a natural counselor who can help you reframe a situation, reconnect with your creative essence, and rediscover your sense of self.


2019: The 3 Vibration Year

In the new year the focus will be on unleashing your creative essence. What might that look like for you? Karen will be sharing her insights about 2019 in general and tapping into her spirit guides to provide you with your very own personal message.

Susan F Moody

Susan F. Moody is a certified success coach and serial entrepreneur. She has a particular passion for working with woman entrepreneurs helping them bring their business vision to life. Susan is the CEO and co-founder of Starshine Communities where women business owners collaborate, share resources and are genuinely happy to see each other succeed.


New Year, New You

Tired of the old you and ready to make 2019 your best year yet? During this session we will discover what a happy, healthy, wealthy life looks like for you and learn the (8) best practices that will help you achieve your aspirations.

Veronica Clark

Veronica Clark is a ERYT 200, RYT 500 certified Yoga and nutrition coach. With extensive training in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Yin and Restorative Yoga, Veronica helps others to experience the power, vitality, and luminosity within themselves. She is a teacher with deep roots in spiritual practices and its connection to women's whole-being.


Moving to the Beat of Your Own Drum

The time is now to reignite your inner fire! Our bodies hold emotions, images, patterns, and stories that can weigh us down and dim our light. We will explore how the rhythm of drumming promotes self-expression and well-being as we move towards a life we love.

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for an interactive and transformational day of relaxation, revelation and inspiration in an intimate and welcoming setting. Registration includes a catered lunch, snacks and a Happy Hour!

* Be sure to wear comfortable clothes to allow you to move freely.


All-Inclusive 1-Day Retreat $197

$297 for 2 people - so bring a friend!



Invest in making 2019 your best year yet!!

We look forward to starting off the New Year together!


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