With Confidence, Anything is Possible

We all have them. Those old tapes playing on our head telling us “I am not worthy”; “I am not smart enough”; “I am not pretty enough”.  Even highly successful women, like Isabel Banerjee from The Encore Catalyst, have had to learn how to overcome this scripts that had been engrained since childhood.

The good news, according to Isabel, is that confidence, like a muscle can be developed and strengthened and requires regular attention to keep it strong. Listen in to my Cz the Day! radio interview with Isabel to hear her story about how she was a young, single mom who created her own multi-million dollar company.

Her best advice: “with confidence you can learn and do anything. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Be sure you choose your “posse” wisely. No individual needs to do it all on her own. Building committees, leveraging them in all areas of your life and understanding that people change and grow at different rates, ensures that you are always surrounded by people who truly want you to grow.”

Thank you, Isabel  for you insights! To find out more about Isabel check out her website www.theencorecatalyst.com.  Here’s to your greater success and happiness! - Susan