Three Tips to Maintaining Your Inner Peace during the Holiday Season

This is it! The calm before the storm. The holiday season officially starts next week with Thanksgiving. So, now is the time to prepare.  To prepare mentally for the stress and the busyness related to bringing peace and joy to our family and friends.

Three Tips to Maintaining Your Inner Peace

1) Take some time for you!

Make a promise to yourself NOW that as soon as you start to feel the overwhelm that can be a part of the hustle and bustle of the holidays you will take a short mental break. A 10-minute walk or 5-minute meditation can do wonders to refocus our energy and release any nervous tension.

2) Stay in the present

It is easy to worry, worry, worry so much about the future that we lose sight of what is happening now; what is important today.  Do the best you can with what you have – right now. The future has a way of taking care of itself. Be sure to appreciate each day.

3) Remember the reason for the season

When we are doing our best to satisfy the ornamentation of the holidays (decorating, gifts, parties) we sometimes forget the “reason for the season”. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the holidays – the caring and sharing. Focus on what you have inside more than what is on the outside.   

And don’t forget, this is your holiday season, too. Wishing you peace and joy throughout the holidays and always!