Thinking Positive will only get you so far. . . .

I love positive thinkers. People that go through life with the aura that everything will be all right; that only good things are going to happen. But, come on, let’s be real here! Thinking positive will only take you so far. To get the rest of the way you have to take action!!

For instance, you cannot just think I know I’m going to get that promotion, without applying for the position. You can’t just think I will make a lot of money selling my new widget, without first creating the widget! I think you get my point here.

To get positive outcomes you need to take positive actions. Actions that will move you in the direction of your thoughts. So, what is one thing you would positively like right now? And, what actions can you take that will create that positive outcome?

If you start taking those actions, I am positive that you will set yourself up for success. Bottom line: Think positive, but act accordingly!

Here’s to your success and happiness! - Susan