Tell the Truth - No Phonies Allowed

If the theme of today is to tell the truth, then to tell the truth I hate phonies! Those people that pretend that all is right with the world, that their life couldn’t’ get any better, blah, blah, blah. Don’t you? Be honest now! Especially when you know their “truth”. That their spouse is a workaholic who is never home, that their kids are the neighborhood terrors, that they themselves are on antidepressants. Hey! Maybe that is why they see their life enveloped in a perfectly perfect haze!!

In all actuality, I don’t hate the phonies because they are phonies – I hate them because I use to be a phony myself. Yep, put on that “everything is perfect in my life” smile and went about my day being totally miserable. Thinking I was fooling the world and trying desperately to fool myself. But, the truth is, I was fooling no one – just making a fool of myself. It wasn’t until I realized just how miserable I was that I had the courage to make the changes I needed to make. To stop trying to please everyone else and work on pleasing me.

It was through my own personal development work that got me to realize that when I am happier, the people around me are happier. When I am miserable, the people around me are miserable. That how I view life is a direct reflection of how I view myself. So now, I give myself permission to be me, authentically me, and not the people pleasing me of the past. And, I have found that when I tell my truth, I am indeed living a happier, more authentic life. No phonies allowed!

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