It’s up, up and away with StarshineAZ! Located at the Glendale Municipal Airport, the West Valley’s 1st Co-Op and Co-Working Space for women has officially launched! A grand opening celebration took place on Monday, May 15th.

This is the brain child of co-founders, Susan F. Moody and Leeanne Gardner, whose time has come. “When Susan and Leanne first approached us with their innovative concept,” says Kenneth Potts, Airport Administrator, “we were not quite sure what they were offering. Having watched them turn a sterile office suite into a comfortable co-working space has been great!”

First and foremost StarshineAZ is a collaborative work space. Also included is a soft seating area for casual conversations, a small conference room for confidential conversations and several training rooms to host meetings.

“Flexibility is key when designing a cooperative work environment along with creating opportunities for conversation and collaboration.” Says Moody. “It is our intent that our work space will encourage others to discover their own sense of purpose, follow their passions and to co-create healthy partnerships.”

“What I love,” says Gardner, “is the community atmosphere of our co-op. We are all about collaborating and not competing.” Starshine offers several membership levels based on whether you are seeking the community and/or if you need office space.

This is a great alternative for those who work from home but would like to be surrounded by like-minded professional women now and then. For more information on The West Valley’s 1st Co-Op and Co-Working Space for Women, check out their website at