Shining Your Brilliance

Guest blogger Lisa McCardle, one of our amazing speakers for the upcoming Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Women's Retreat,wants to remind you of your  brilliance:

You are absolutely amazing! How do I know this?

Because you said yes to being born at this, one of the most pivotally transformative times in all of human existence.

The truth is you said yes to this body, to this life, at this time for quite a profound reason.

What you ask?

There is a unique gift that lives within you, a divine purpose that no one other than you can truly present.

The key is first believing the truth of these words, first releasing the fear, the doubt, the negativity and the judgement that has held you back from this truth for far too long.

On some level you know it, you have seen glimpses of it, you have dreamed into the possibility of what could be..if only…

If only you believed, if only you were given full permission, if only you trusted the space in between here and there was a safe space to leap across.

Truly all of those visions and daydreams, those sometimes secret desires, they all are the universe's way of whispering to you a remembrance of what is truly possible...For YOU.

It truly is your birthright to follow these whispers through to the full process of creation. To trust the path of desire that is in front of you. To begin to know that no vision, no desire, and no dream is ever given without all of the means needed by which to create it, coming right along side it or perhaps a breath or two behind it.

It is your birthright because you said Yes, It is a universal agreement.

To remember this, to move from this place back into your life and back into the world, is the journey to living in and shining fully your unique brilliance.

Join StarshineAZ in Sedona for the Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Women's Retreat January 20-22 and your brilliance will shine throughout 2017. Thank you, Lisa, for reminding us to step into our own light!

Here's to your success and happiness! - Susan