Resolve to Breathe and Relax in this New Year

Being in constant stress mode does nothing to improve your well-being, so says Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Healing Coach, Sandra Hickman. When Sandra was on Cz the Day! she offered up these success tips to improve your health:

#1 – Learn how to relax so your body can activate natural healing responses.

#2 – Try hypnosis to entrain your brainwaves so you can achieve relaxation more often.

#3 – Avoid self-judgment, which can activate a stress response.

Sandra inspires her clients to realize that they have the power within themselves to achieve the healing they desire. Click here to listen in on our full conversation.

Focus 2016If you are looking for a new way to shift yourself into the New Year, then join Sandra and me, Susan F. Moody, TUESDAY January 12th at 6pm at the Unity Spiritual Center in Sun City. We are co-hosting an interactive workshop to help you attract abundance and prosperity in your life.

Find out how hypnotic mediation, visualization and digital sound remedies will expand your mind to explore your greatest possibilities to create and live a life you love. This event is FREE, but donations are gratefully accepted. Click here to get your complimentary ticket.

Sandra and I hope to see you there! Here’s to your success. - Susan