Reposition Nutrition

This past Saturday on Cz the Day! Colleen Forgus, Nutritional Therapy Consultant, of The Girl and The Egg and I started out our conversation reminding listeners to not only celebrate the start of a New Year, but also to celebrate your successes from the past year. We also discussed Colleen’s views on success and agreed that when working to define what success means to you, it is important that your definition not solely be tied to money. Equally as important are the areas of your health and well-being, love and relationships, and career and vocation.

As a healthy, happily married, successful business owner, Colleen shared just what it took for her to achieve the success she has achieved in life:

  • Hard work and perseverance,
  • Treating people fairly,
  • Visualizing her success, and
  • Believing she could be successful.

Her best piece of advice? Stop talking and start doing! In fact, if physical health is the last on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, Colleen recommends you reposition nutrition and move it up to the top! Click here to listen in on our discussion and to learn some easy ways to jump start your way to better health by substituting some everyday food products with a more nutritional choice. Colleen consults with clients to improve their health by guiding them through the marketing myths and confused food maze to determine the best plan for them based on their unique biochemistry.

Here’s to your health and your success! - Susan