Never Stop Learning!

You have a dream to start your own business, so what do you do first? "Research, research, research!!" says Phyllis Strobel owner of Form Tech Promotional products.  Learn all you can about the type of business you want to open and then do it! “Don’t worry about the competition, just focus on yourself and going above and beyond with your Customer Service.”

 Phyllis attributes her success as a small business owner to these three success strategies:

1.       Working hard and being reliable and dependable.

2.       Being honest and treating everyone like she would like to be treated.

3.       Continued to learn and never stop learning.

Life is constantly changing and the more you learn the better you will be able to roll with changes. To hear more about Phyllis and her definition of success, listen in on our Cz the Day! radio conversation.

Phyliis is also the President of Gals Prepared to Succeed (GPS). If you are an aspiring entrepreneur seeking more success strategies, Phyllis invites you to attend the upcoming GPS Leadership Conference being held in Surprise on March 19. Click here for more information.

I will be speaking on how it takes more than a business plan and capital to create a successful company. Come to the conference and be inspired to take your business to the next level.

Cheers to your great success and happiness! - Susan