Just Say YES!

Opportunities are presenting themselves all the time, but if we are not paying attention, they can just pass us by. My Cz the Day! radio guest, Cathy Catlin, shared that one of her success strategies is to say “yes” - especially to learning new things.

Her other success tips included:

-           Join professional networking associations and get involved! This is how you can become a leader and learn how to work with many different people.

 -          Follow your gut to lead you to the right job, right decision and the right action.


Her best decisions, though not always the easiest, came when she learned to trust her intuition. Although not necessarily the simplest option, she said that decision was always the right one for her. And, these decisions allowed her to grow into the person she is today. Click here to hear our complete conversation.

Can you think of a time that you did not listen to your intuition and the result was not a successful as you had hoped? Yep, we have all been there!! Today, practice listening to your instincts when you need to make an important decision.

Here’s to your success and happiness! - Susan F. Moody, Your Success Coach