Give Thanks to YOU!

This week as we gather for our Thanksgiving festivities, we commonly express gratitude not only to others but for the good things in our life. This past Saturday, on my Cz the Day! radio show, my guest Jacqueline Freeman, reminds us how important it is to practice intentional self-care. Listen to our conversation by clicking here.

According to Jacqueline, we should start off our day in the shower enveloping our bodies with a warm mother’s caress; to express joy and thanks for all our bodies do for us – the strength in our arms to lift and carry, the muscles in our thighs for walking and transporting us throughout our daily activities.

If you are like me, that morning shower is the time I mentally review my list of things to do and I seldom stop and give thanks to my physical being. Jacqueline has shared with us some other tips here for practicing intentional self-care.

Things like:

  • Exercise: one of the most overlooked types of self-care. Even a short walk at lunch time can life your mood.
  • Sleep: get between 7-10 hours of sleep per night to be at your best performance level.
  • Keep a journal: which can help you manage your emotions.

To learn more about Jacqueline and her work, visit her website at Happy thanksgiving! And, remember, to give thanks to you!

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