From Resolution to Retreat

Here’s a secret about making a New Year’s resolution. It won’t work, unless you do!! It is easy to start off the year with vim and vigor, but our enthusiasm can quickly fade if the results we want do not happen as quickly as we would like. Instead of letting your new year’s goals and dreams fade after a few months, resolve right now to make a date to renew your commitment this Spring.

Join 40 other women as we experience the feelings of being empowered, enlightened, energized and encouraged to lead a happier, more meaningful life and re-commit to our resolutions and our selves.

When: Fri, Apr 29 – Sun, May 1

Where: Sedona Creative Life Center

During this Women's Sedona Retreat, you will be given the tools, the knowledge, the support and the drive to create the life you truly want to be living!


Pamela Sonda Nevada: Pamela is an Intuitive Reader who reads for individuals or groups. She leads meditation workshops, and mentors those seeking spiritual expansion.

Jacqueline Freeman: Jacqueline is a Relationship Coach who, through folktales, will help you rediscover one of the most important relationships of your life – you!

Darla McKamey: Darla is a Wellness Coach and will help you explore how to live a healthy life naturally while embracing your inner beauty.

Susan F. Moody: Susan is a Certified Coach, Author, Speaker and Radio Host who helps women find their purpose, define their goals, build their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

Click here to register for the Sedona Women's Retreat. Here's to your success! - Susan