Ebb and Flow with Wind and Water

Life is a never ending current of energy and movement, similar to the motion of the waves in the ocean and the wind through the air. But how do we harness that energy to obtain a calming and energizing flow versus the turbulence? Ro Rusknock of elementsandenergy.com believes that by incorporating Feng Shui into your home, car or business (anywhere you spend a large amount of time) you can enhance your life in more ways than you can even imagine!

Ro also feels strongly that we all deserve to live our “best” life and that we need to love Ro Rusknockourselves fully. Easier said than done right? Her best advice for learning to love ourselves is to look in the mirror each day, and directly into your own eyes say, “I love you, I accept you and I approve of you just the way you are.” For more success tips from Ro, Click here to listen to our complete conversation from Cz the Day!

There will definitely be days when your inner being forecasts a storm. But the trick is to ebb and flow like the wind and the water and not fight the tides! To find out more about bringing peace and harmony into your world, click here to listen to our conversation from Cz the Day!

Here’s to your happiness and success! - Susan