Don't Judge - Yourself

It happens automatically. As soon as you meet someone new, you start to size them up and critique them – their looks, clothes, smile, attitude. In fact, it only takes seven seconds for you to judge and form an opinion of them. The same is true of our thoughts and ideas. As soon as one pops in your head, your judgment filter kicks in and you start to critique the worth and value of that thought. Well I say, let’s not be too quick to judge!

How often have me made snap decisions and later learned that if we had just taken a little more time to get to know someone, further investigate the validity of an idea we could have made a new friend or put a little more excitement in our life?

ShaRon ReaI believe sometimes we are too harsh – in our opinions of others and ourselves. ShaRon Rea from The Whole Family Coaching agrees. She promotes approaching each new person, new thought, new situation with love. To make your decisions based on what you feel in your heart. When you do that, she says, you are choosing to be happy on purpose. I love that phrase!!

So often we forget that we are in the driver’s seat of our life. We may not be able to control everything that happens in our life, but we surely can control our attitude and how we deal with situations as they arise. Click here to listen in on our full conversation on Cz the Day!

If you discover that you have been a little too hasty in judging yourself and others, forgive yourself and move on. The key, says ShaRon, is to discover who you really are and love that person unconditionally – every day! No judgment. Just Love. So go out there and don’t judge – yourself.

Here's to your success! - Susan