Are You a Victim of Self-Sabotage?

Self-sabotage is a common problem.

Doubts of our own self-worth can interfere with the best of our intentions. If you question whether or not you are deserving, it is easy to sabotage yourself without even realizing what is happening. So, how do you know you deserve your dream? You want it! Simply by virtue of you being alive you are worthy and deserving of your dream. You wouldn’t feel the longing for that dream, if you didn’t have the capacity to achieve your goal.

Three keys to increase your sense of deserving:
1) Focus on the good: Challenging circumstances don’t have to be bad.  Instead of panicking when life appears to throw you a curve, wait and know that soon some good will be revealed.  Then give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and watch for the good.

2) Let go of past mistakes: It’s hard to move confidently into the life you imagine if you are carrying baggage from the past. Identify and release past experiences so you have room for greater possibility.                                                                                                          

3) Practice gratitude to increase your sense of deserving:  An “attitude of gratitude” enables you to construct your dream on a solid foundation.  When you begin to appreciate what you previously took for granted, you will attract even greater good towards yourself.

When you practice these three principles, your sense of deserving expands, and you’ll begin to see unexpected good things flow into your life. Here’s to your success and happiness! - Susan