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Embracing The Way Women Do Business - Collaboratively!

At Starshine Communities we offer a supportive, collaborative environment for women business owners with an emphasis on the health and well-being of both your company and you. We are a welcoming environment where we focus on building relationships, growing your business and taking care of you, the heart and soul behind the business.

Do you have business challenges that you could use some insight and help solving? 

Participate in a  Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Power Circle to gain the insight, advice and support from your community peers.

Are you seeking to learn new ideas and practical how-to tips to market or manage your business?

Attend an Business Education Learn & Launch Seminar.

Do you occasionally feel depleted and desire some inspiration to refresh your body, mind and soul? 

Participate in a Wellness Workshop and take care of YOU.

Could you use some support in staying on track to meet your personal and professional goals??

Find your Accountability Partner within the community.

Solutions for Your Business - Support for YOU!

Business Education

Keep up to speed on the newest marketing and managing trends by attending a Learn & Launch.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Join in a Power Circles and solve your business or personal  challenge! 

Wellness Workshops

Learn the latest work-life harmony techniques and holistic practices through these sessions to Take Care of YOU! 

Accountability Partnerships

Support in staying on track to meet your personal and professional goals.


Any one of these member benefits can make the difference for your business!

Put them all together and quickly move your business to the next level. 

Your Starshine  Membership offers a  better way to succeed - together!




  • A Complete Business Support System
  • Learn & Launch Education Seminars
  • Choose In-Person or Online Community 
  • Peer Mentoring Power Circles
  • Take Care Wellness Workshops
  • Personal Accountability Partner

"This community is different from anything you've ever experienced. So much more than just a networking organization. This is a place for every type of woman who owns a business, whether a solo shop or someone with many employees to gather and gain support, wisdom, a pep talk, a little push to do something scary or just a hug. Everyone involved is authentic and all the members really want to assist each other. Great organization - you have to try it to realize how different it is! "

Heather Olson
Olson Insurance


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